David Howse

From about the age of four David Howse’s life has been about marketing. With a father who spent 47 years of his own life in printing and advertising, David’s path was pretty much set from birth. In 2007, David was an administrator of the world’s largest social media group for marketers (Marketing 2.0 on Facebook) – boasting over 20,000 marketers from around the world.

In 2008, after finishing a college marketing diploma and management degree, David began working with Matterhorn Business Solutions supporting the marketing efforts of several local businesses in the Lethbridge, Alberta area.

In 2010, David moved to Calgary to work on larger marketing projects such as Bill Borger’s, Borger Group of Companies (Alberta’s largest underground construction company). As Matterhorn’s client base grew base so did David’s roles and responsibilities. Currently, David manages and executes marketing strategies for several prominent Calgary businesses. Sectors include construction, finance, education, and food and beverage.