China March 2011

turtles for sale on the street

Turtles For Sale On The Street

they claimed to be a shoppers drug mart supplier

They Claimed To Be A Shoppers Drug Mart Supplier

the first consumer wifi video helecopters drones replaced them a few years later

The First Consumer Wifi Video Helecopters Drones Replaced Them A Few Years Later

people would lose their minds if this situation were reversed and in canada

People Would Lose Their Minds If This Situation Were Reversed and In Canada


not built for over 6 feet tall

Not Built For Over 6 Feet Tall

mcdonalds in guangzhou 1

Mcdonalds in Guangzhou (1/2)

mcdonalds in guangzhou 2

Mcdonalds in Guangzhou (2/2)


canton fair march 2011 1

Canton Fair March 2011 (1/3)

canton fair march 2011 2

Canton Fair March 2011 (2/3)

canton fair march 2011 3

Canton Fair March 2011 (3/3)

40 years ago this would be the scene in new york

40 Years Ago This Would Be The Scene In New York