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If I were to characterize the places I honed my marketing skills with one word, it would be – colourful! Eccentric and enlightening might be other ways to describe those places. MarkTrend Research, formerly located at 1650 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. was definitely colourful, eccentric, and enlightening.

Marktrend Research Vancouver 1650 West 1st Avenue

This is where I worked in 1993. MarkTrend Research at 1650 West First Avenue, Vancouver, BC. This photo is from December 12, 2022 but it was almost exactly the same in 1992. We worked on the second flood and third floors.

Below is a portion of a questionnaire from a survey conducted by MarkTrend Research on behalf of the Government of British Columbia. This survey was conducted in 1990, two years before I joined. The first thing that strikes me is the scale: Very Appropriate, Quite Appropriate, Not Appropriate. What exactly does “quite” mean? This is the sort of language that skews a survey to show broad support. Looking at number 20 on this list, MacMillan Bloedel, it was only two years later, that they became the most infamous company in BC for that time. In fact, it was 1992 when I stared working at Marktrend and opinion polls related to MacMillan Bloedel were very popular. It’s ironic that, in 1990, they were on a list of potential sponsors for BC parks.
BC parks survey 1990 by Marktrend Research

MarkTrend Research. Vancouver survey 1990

Click to download the full report from 1990 from the Government of British Columbia website.

Lessons Learned at MarkTrend

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This academic research piece on public views towards environmentalists in British Columbia cites Marktrend.


Are you a former MarkTrend employee from the early 90s? Get in touch! We can talk about Jim, Renee, Daniel, and Joanne.