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Quorum Software Services Vancouver

After working for two year in market research with MarkTrend, I began a job with Quorum Software Services / Q-Media in Vancouver. The below photo was from 2022 but I worked at 308 East 5th Ave., Vancouver in 1994 which was where Quorum Software was located. Back there, there was a Mario’s Gelato across the street and next to that was a wholesale tools vendor.

Quorum Software Services was a disk (think 3 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ floppy disks) duplication outfit that operate a very high-tech production department. I was the night shift manager – the disk duplication business was so good back then that the company ran from 7am to 11pm. Some of the customers were Top producer (a real estate sales program), H& R Block (I remember the person who printed the disk labels, once printed them as H&R Blick and they almost got out the door!).

By rumor, I heard the company got its start in the 1980 when the founder went “door-to-door” selling the bigger 8″ floppy disks and, having success with that,  built a much bigger business out of it. By the time I left, this tiny Vancouver company had bought similar operations in California, Washington, and Texas. We all know what happened to the floppy disk and according to this report, they went bankrupt in 2002.


quorum software Vancouver BC q-media trace 3000 disk duplication system
This thing could duplicate 160 disks per hour! In 1993 it was the fastest in the world and it didn’t even need a UNIX box to run it. Back in 1993 my job was to operate 8 of the older versions including a 5 1/4″ model that ran from a SCO UNIX box. In my 17 months there, the computer only locked up once! The best think about working at Quorum Software was that they sent me to San Jose twice for training at Trace Inc. – the world leader in disk duplication systems.